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Heatrod Elements

6kW Industrial Immersion Heater

6kW Industrial Immersion Heater

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Example of applications

Commercial and light industrial applications


Technical Spec

Number of Elements 3
Material Incoloy
Voltage (V) 240/415
Phase Connection 1/3
Loading (kW) 6kW
Cutout temperature 90°C
Maximum temperature 80°C
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Product Information

1/3 Ph, 16", 24", 36" Immersed Length

Key features

– For use in water, in commercial/light industrial applications
– IP55 rotatable terminal cover
– Incoloy 825 sheath
– Single thermostat pocket - Diamond-H WTS Dual Function Wired thermostat included
– Separate power and control glands
– Large range of other thermostats available with different temperature ranges (sold separately)
– Unique design offers both single and three phase installation

Technical data

– Material: Incoloy 825 Sheath Material (inc thermostat pocket)
– Loading: 6kW
– Element diameter: 8mm
– Design: IP55 robust, rotatable enclosure, heavy duty brass head
– Temperature range: 28-80°C control, 90°C cutout
– Voltage: 415V 3-Phase, 240V 1-Phase
– Optional: Supplied with or without thermostat (please note: price will be the same)
– Other: Alternative mounting option available

The HR range of immersion heaters are designed for commercial and light industrial applications. The rotatable terminal box is provided for ease of wiring and flexible for access in all types of locations. Along with the standard range detailed below, we also manufacture using different levels of element sheath protection, depending on the environment the heater is being installed into.

Available Options:

 Item Number

Thread Size (BSP)


Length (in)


Length (mm)

2 ¼ 16 406
HR616B 2 16 406
1 ¾ 16 406
HR624A 2 ¼ 24 609
HR624B 2 24 609
HR624C 1 ¾ 24 609
HR636A 2 ¼ 36 914
HR636B 2 36 914
HR636C 1 ¾ 36 914


How to Measure the BSP Thread size of your Immersion Heater:




Once you have measured the thread, use the table below to select the correct BSP size: