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Heatrod Elements

Braude Tankmaster MP Controller Only

Braude Tankmaster MP Controller Only

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Tankmaster Controller

Example of applications


Combined features of Thermaster and Levelmaster

Technical Spec

Voltage (V) 110, 230
Dimensions 175mm x 175mm 75mm high
Lead length The controller is supplied with 1m long input and output flying leads
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The Braude Tankmaster combined temperature and  controller to IP 65

Product Information

Key features

- Combined features of Thermaster and Levelmaster
- Easy installation & setup
- Clear temperature & set point display
- Microprocessor controlled
- Range of optional controls built in
- Additional temperature control circuit available, programmable to give high or low temperature alarm or control, or go/no go operation band*
- Probes interchangeable with Thermaster and Levelmaster
- Additional outputs available for control of heaters, coolers, pumps and alarm
- Compatible with HPD probes

Technical data

- Range -10°C to +110°C, ±1°C accuracy
- Dual temperature and level control using Braude probes
- Moisture proof enclosure  sealed to IP65
- Fully non-corrodable sensors
- No external adjustment
- 240V or 110V • Autosensing facility


Combined temperature and liquid level controller for the control of heaters, coolers and pumps in tanks and systems containing corrosive liquids
Engineered for surface mounting close to the process tank and provided with flying leads for easy
electrical connection. Full fitting and operating instructions are supplied with the unit.

Supplied complete with Thermaster PT100 and Levelmaster Probes and can also be used with HPD
Probes fitted to Polaris Heaters. The standard controller is configured for single temperature set point
and high/low liquid level control.

Programmable functions
Tankmaster MP can be used on a wide variety of processes and applications. The microprocessor
setup allows the selection of a number OF additional functions including high temperature alarm and go/no go temperature band..