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Heatrod Elements

Braude Thermaster Probe

Braude Thermaster Probe

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Technical Spec

Length (in) 0.5m
Lead length 2m
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The Braude Thermaster replacement acidproof 0.5m long probe and 2m lead.

  • Acidproof
  • PT100 sensor, no capillary or compensating cable, no moving parts.
  • Non-corrodible, deposit resistant and virtually unbreakable.
  • Firm, rigid location system
  • Leads 0.5m standard, extendible or ordered to suit
  • Fitted with integral moisture proof plugs for connection to Master controllers
  • Sturdy robust constructions to withstand the danger of damage when used in tank.


Acidproof probe for use with Thermaster controller 0·5m probe length with a 2m lead as standard, with longer lengths available to order.

Probes are fully non-corrodable, deposit resistant and virtually unbreakable.