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Diamond-H WTS Push-Fit Rod Thermostat - High Temp

Diamond-H WTS Push-Fit Rod Thermostat - High Temp

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Technical Spec

Length (in) 11"
Cutout temperature 90°C
Maximum temperature 80°C
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Product Information

Technical data

- 11" length
- preset temp: 80°C Max Op Trip, 90°C Safety Trip
- double pole
- dual function

This is a Dual Function Rod / Stem Push Fit Thermostat with adjustable trip and fixed safety cut-out aimed at high temperature hot water applications such as thermal storage.

Operational switching is achieved via single pole stem control and a manually re-settable safety cut-off is via a capillary system.

Employing a capillary system for safety allows the benefit of sensing the water or fluid temperature within the vessel rather than the surface temperature of the tank/cylinder which gives far greater accuracy in switching.

The Diamond-H WTS thermostat is CE marked and ENEC approved to EN 60730 (-1:2000, -2-9: 2002) and EN 60335 (-1: 2002, -2-73: 2002).

Push fit electrical connections are equivalent to many popular push fit thermostat types such as Cotherm TSE, Cotherm TSR, Thermowatt RTS ranges

Key benefits over competitors:

High accuracy control
Highest accuracy safety switching (capillary action safety sensing directly in the tank/cylinder) - particularly important where high temperatures are required in hot water applications such as thermal storage.
Plug in system
20 Amp 250 V AC
Tested to 100,000 operation cycles (higher reliability than common competitors)
Type 2 approved control

Most commonly installed in immersion heaters fitted to high temperature applications in cylinders from manufacturers such as Telford, R M Cylinders, Kingspan, Joule, etc.

Please note that this thermostat must be located in the upper part of any hot water cylinder in order to take advantage of it's ability to control up to high temperatures. A safety cut out of 90°C will never operate if not located in the hottest part of the cylinder.